Q & A

Q: Are all sales final?
A: Yes

Q: Do you provide tracking?
A: Stickers - No (unless it is requested which means there will be an extra charge for shipping)
Buttons/Pins/Apparel/Pillows - Yes

Q: Do you take commissions and how much do they cost?
A: Yes! Please feel free to contact me through email at joapplesauce@gmail.com.  Prices vary, detailed information is also provided here.

Q: How many people run joapplesauce?
A: It is mainly run by one individual, but during conventions/events I may have my partner help me.

Q: How long will my order get to me?
A: Within the United States it should take 3-7 business days after order has been fulfilled
Outside the United States about a week or more depending on your location (also once your order has been fulfilled)
Once your order has been fulfilled you should receive an email saying that it has been fulfilled. If you do not receive one please feel free to email me.