Simp Cards: One Piece
Simp Cards: One Piece

Simp Cards: One Piece

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**Please read description**

  • For credit card skin choose version: Large Chip, Small Chip, or Non Chip.
  • There is an example in the last photo
  • These are all stickers and not actual cards
  • Want a physical card? Please choose the "SIMP CARD" or "SIMP CARD (Double-sided)" option
  • Let me know which character(s) you'd like in the notes section! 
  • One character per simp card 

These cards are for fun and a parody of the Arthur library card. Don't take it too seriously if there is a character on the list that you do not agree with (ಠ_ಠ)

Characters available: 

• Nami
• Nico Robin
• Boa Hancock
• Rebecca
• Vivi
• Luffy
• Zoro
• Law
• Sanji
• Usopp

Dimensions: 3 x 2 inches approx.

Laminate: Gloss

UV protected, Waterproof, Weather Resistant.

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